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About Michael Faraday

Updated: May 3, 2020


Now we are enjoying the most comfortable life due to motors, fans, washing machines, electric generators, etc., A man behind all (creator) was Michael Faraday. He did research on electromagnets and electromagnetic induction. He is more famous with his invention i.e. Dynamo. We honored him by giving a name to the capacitance unit as Farad (Faraday name).

Born on: 22nd Sep1791. Died on: 25th Aug1867.

Birthplace: Newington Butts, England.


  1. He discovered electromagnetic induction and explained two laws to understand electromagnetic induction.

  2. Faraday prepared Dynamo(Which can convert mechanical energy to electrical energy)

  3. DC Motor, Electric generator, transformers, etc., designed based on principles identified by Faraday and Joseph Henry.

  4. He designed an electric motor and his research work help others to develop different electric motors.

  5. He did research on Glass(dielectric material) and Steel.

  6. Faraday discovered Benzene.

  7. He designed a theory on Electrolysis. This is famous as Faraday electrolysis.

  8. He only explained first about para and diamagnetism of magnetic materials

  9. He identified that by the increasing pressure of the gas, gases can be converted into Liquid. But this credit went to his guide/ godfather Humphry Davy.

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