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Updated: May 5, 2020

MARIE AMPERE (1775-1836)

His full name was Andre Marie Ampere. He is the French Physicist and Mathematician. Ampere did research on Electrodynamics and he was one of the founders of classical electromagnetism. He produced a complete proof of the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism. For his hard work in science, Ampere's name was given as a unit of electrical current.


  1. Ampere famous with his Ampere Circuital Law.

  2. He designed a mathematical equation that relates electricity and magnetism. Through this law, we can get the direction of the magnetic field around the current-carrying conductor.

  3. Ampere also classified chemical elements in a new way.

  4. By using Mathematical and Statistical skills to measure natural occurrences like a magnetic field around the conductor.

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