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Updated: May 2, 2020

Now a day, we are facing problem due to Pollution and Global Warming. The major reason for the pollution and global warming is over usage of energy produced by coal and crude oil. Due to emission of carbon in the atmosphere the climate change that is happening, new generation is going to bear the burden of it most. This carbon emission in the atmosphere can be considered as Violence. So in India IIT Bombay is trying to work towards Energy Swaraj. Energy Swaraj means doing Non-Violence to the atmosphere while using energy. As a non-violence to the atmosphere, Solar Ambassador Workshop (Hands-on training to make their own solar lamp) going to be conducted in India by IIT Bombay. They selected 2nd October to run the workshop because it is celebrated as an International Non-Violence Day.

In this workshop, more than 10,00,000 students from 10 different countries across the World, going to join together and learn to make their own solar lamp. They are not only learning to make their own solar lamp but also they are going to take a pledge of non-violence to environment. This type of workshops and programs definitely will give positive impact to the whole world and probable the whole world will take a U-turn to generate Eco-friendly energy generation.

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