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Updated: May 5, 2020


Born on: 30th Aug 1871. Died on: 19th Oct 1937.

Rutherford was born in New Zealand. He did more research work on Nuclear Physics and modern quantum theory. He only introduced name Nucleus i.e a heavy massive positive quantity of matter located at the center of the atom. In the year 1908, he got Noble Prize for chemistry. Due to his hard work in the field of nuclear radioactivity and artificial transmutation, we are calling Rutherford as the father of Artificial Radio-Activity.


  1. Rutherford gave experimental details about the structure of the atom using the Alpha scattering experiment.

  2. He only introduced the word Nucleus(Heavy positively charged quantity of matter located at the center of the atom) and gave many details about the nucleus like Density of the nucleus, Radius of the nucleus, etc.,

  3. Rutherford classified the radiations coming out of the nucleus as Alpha(+ve charged), Beta(-ve charged), and Gamma(neutral) particles.

  4. Successfully converted Al metal into Mg metal which is called Artificial transmutation.

  5. Through Alpha scattering experiment he able to give the information about the shape of the nucleus as Spherical.

Rutherford Alpha Scattering experiment

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