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Updated: May 25, 2020

ISAAC NEWTON(1642-1727)

Born on: 25th Dec 1642 Died on 31st March 1727.

Isaac Newton was a Physicist and Mathematician, one of the greatest scientists of all time. His theoretical illustrations and practicals revolutionized scientific thinking. His scientific works were the most important works in the history of Modern Science. So some people were recognizing him as a Father of Physics.

His contributions are

  1. Law of gravitation which explains about the attractive force between any two massive bodies

  2. Three Laws of Motion. (1. Law of Inertia, 2. About external for and acceleration of the body and 3. for Every action-equal and Opposite reaction)

  3. Designed Reflecting Telescope

  4. He was the first person who showed the white light consists of 7 colors, spectrum (VIBGYOR)

  5. Worked a lot to designed a new branch of mathematics called Calculus

  6. Designed Newton Interpolation theorems in Mathematics

  7. Studied about Interference of light and practically showed interference pattern which is now calling as Newton rings in interference.

  8. Studied about light and explained Newton Corpuscular Theory which supports the particle nature of Light.

  9. Studied about Sound and designed an expression for the Velocity of Sound.

  10. One of his famous books - Principia Mathematica.

Due to his contributions in many areas of science, after his death, on his tomb, he designed a quote ' INVALUABLE GEM TO THE MANKIND'.


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