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Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Born on: 14th March 1879. Died on: 18th April 1955.

  • Albert Einstein born in Germany in the year 1879.

  • He got Noble Prize in the year 1921 for the invention of Solar Cell - a device that can convert light energy into electrical energy.

  • Einstein designed Photo Electric Equation to explain the photoelectric effect.

  • In the year 1905, he published three papers, which are path-breaking at that time.

  • So, after 100 years, the year 2005 was declared as the International Year of Science.

  • The first one about light Quanta (now calling as a photon), which is used to explain about Photo-Electric Effect.

  • The second one about Brownian Motion.

  • The third one is SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY which made Einstein more popular.

  • He also created General Theory of Relativity which is also called the Modern theory of Gravitation.

  • He designed Mass-Energy equivalent equation E = mC2

  • Einstein is also called as Father of Modern Physics.

  • He worked with SN Bose and designed Bose-Einstein Statistics which explains about Bosons, integer spin particles.

  • Along with Debye, Einstein designed Debye-Einstein's theory which gives details about the specific heat of the solids with respect to temperature.


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