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Updated: May 25, 2020


Born: 288 BC Died: 212 BC

One of the great Ancient Greek Scientists. Archimedes worked in many areas and gave the details about geometry, mechanics, hydrostatics, the value of pi, etc.,

He explained

  1. Law of flotation as Archimedes Principle.

  2. He was more famous for the Principle of displacement.

  3. Gave the details about Buoyancy Force.

  4. Designed Archimedes Crew to get better efficiency at flows at turbines and water wheels

  5. Obtained the value of pi up to accurate to the second decimal place.

  6. The designed formula for the curved surface areas and volumes of various solids.

  7. He explains the concept of the lever and challenged that give me a sufficiently large lever, I can move the Earth.


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