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Physics video lectures

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Physics Video Lectures useful for class 11, class 12, and degree students.

For Class 11 and Degree Students:

Class 11 Syllabus Details Lesson Wise: Click Here


Orbital Velocity - Click Here

Orbital Velocity Problems - Click Here

Perigee and Apogee - Click Here

For Class 12 and Degree Students:

Atoms/Atomic Spectra:

Atomic structure introduction - Click Here

Rutherford Alpha Scattering Experiment - Click Here

Rutherford Atomic Model - Click Here

Drawbacks of Rutherford Atomic Model - Click Here

Bohr Atomic Model - Click Here

Drawbacks of Bohr Atomic Model - Click Here

Energy Levels in Hydrogen Atom - Click Here

Hydrogen Spectral Series - Click Here

Hydrogen Spectra Limiting lines - Click Here

Numericals - Click Here

Dual Nature of Radiation / Quantum Mechanics:

Photo Electric Effect - Click Here

Einstein's Photoelectric Equation - Click Here

Photoelectric Effect Conceptual Questions - Click Here

Matter Waves:

de-Broglie comment on Bohr theory - Click Here

Davisson and Germer Experiment - Click Here

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