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Physics in relation to technology

Updated: May 30, 2020


The applications of physics are playing a key role in the development of technology. Some of the major technologies based on the applications of physics are

Physics concept - Uses to mankind

1. X - rays: using in radiotherapy, in detecting fractures or dislocations in bones, in studying crystal systems, in industries to check the uniform thickness of metal sheets and flaws in machines, etc.

2. Nuclear fission: using nuclear power plants to generate huge energy (Electricity)

3. Photoelectric effect: used to make photocell which can convert light energy to electrical energy (Our future alternative energy source, if we finish the crude oil on the earth)

4. LASER: using in optical fiber communication, using in the 3-D image(Holography), in LIDAR technology, using in Meteorology, etc.,

5. Super Conductivity: concept used to generate strong magnetic fields.

6. Magnetic Levitation: concept leads to the preparation of Bullet trains

7. ---------------------------------

so on...

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