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Physical world question and answers

Updated: May 2, 2020

Very Short Answer Questions

1) What is physics?

2) Name two Indian physicists who have been awarded Noble Prize in physics

3) Who explained the heliocentric theory of the sun?

4) Who discovered X-rays?

5) Electrons were discovered by?

6) Name the famous scientist who discovered the law of gravitation

7) Name the physicist who first proposed the concept of the antiparticle

8) Who measured the charge on an electron experimentally?

9) Who discovered neutrons?

10) Name the scientist who was first awarded Noble prize twice?

11) Name the scientist who was first awarded Noble prize twice in physics?

12) Name the four fundamental forces in nature.


1) Physics is the study of the basic laws of nature and phenomena.


Physics is a branch of science which deals with physical quantities that can analyze the natural phenomena.

2) Sir C.V.Raman and Subramanium Chandrasekhar.

3) Nicolaus Copernicus

4) W.K.Roentgen

5) J.J.Thomson

6) Isaac Newton

7) Paul Dirac in 1930. (the antiparticle of electron-positron discovered by Curl David Anderson in 1932)

8) R.A.Millikan

9) James Chadwick

10) Madam Curie

11) John Bardeen

12) Gravitational force, Electromagnetic force, Strong Nuclear force, and Weak nuclear force.

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