lesson wise important questions for class 11 students

Units and Measurements

1. Explain parallax method to measure the largest distances.

2. Explain how diameter of a planet can be measured.

3. How to estimate the small distances? Explain a scientific method.

4. Define the terms Accuracy, precision and error.

5. What is an error? Explain their types.

6. How to measure the magnitude of an error? Give different methods to measure the magnitude of error.

7. Define the term significant figure.

8. What is dimensional formula? What are its applications? Explain each with an example.

9. Explain about fundamental forces in nature.

Motion in a Straight Line

1. Define the following terms.

a. Distance

b. Displacement

c. Uniform motion

d. Average speed

e. Average velocity

f. Instantaneous speed

g. Instantaneous velocity.

h. Acceleration

2. Derive kinematic equations for uniformly accelerated motion.

3. Derive the equations for maximum height achieved by an object and time of flight.

4. Define the term relative velocity. Give an example and explain.

5. Discuss various possibilities of s-t graph, v-t graph and a-t graph.

Motion in a plane

1. Define the terms scalar and vector. Give examples for each.

2. Explain different properties of vector addition and subtraction.

3. How to resolve a vector. Explain with an example.

4. Define Scalar product (Dot product) and vector product(Cross product)

5. Discuss vector addition in detail. And hence prove parallelogram law.

6. Using vector notation, define velocity and acceleration.