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JEE Main NEET physics practice paper Motion in a Plane Level 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

JEE Main NEET Physics Practice Paper

Motion in a Plane - Level - 1

Practice Paper - 1 - Level - 1

Key and Solutions - Coming Soon

(Read the note, then Click on Level - 1 to open the question paper)


* The question paper consists of 20 bits - single answer multiple-choice questions.

* Total marks - 80

* Questions and Options may be shuffled. So be careful while answering the Questions

* Score will be displayed after submission of the question paper.

* Candidate has to give the email to open the question paper. (email id - only to receive the total score after exam paper submission)

Self Assessment:

If you get less than 30 marks - prepare the lesson once again.

If you get more than 30 marks but less than 60 marks - more problems practice required

If you get more than 60 marks - you may concentrate on level - 2 and advanced level questions in this chapter.

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