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Deleted topics in physics class 12 2020


CBSE board deleted 30% of the syllabus from the total syllabus in all subjects and practicals due to the loss of the number of working days in the academic year 2020 (due to the COVID 19 pandemic). From practical, CBSE board removed the entire investigatory project and activities. In physic, the deleted topics in the syllabus are mentioned below.

Removed topics in Class 12 Physics - Lesson Wise

Chapter 1: Electric charges and field

Uniformly charged thin spherical shell. (inside and outside)

Chapter 2: Electric Potential and Capacitors

Nothing is removed from this chapter.

Chapter 3: Current Electricity

Carbon resistors, colour coding, series, and parallel combination of resistors.

Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism


Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter

Many topics removed from this lesson. Those are

Magnetic field intensity due to a magnetic dipole (Bar magnet along its axis and equatorial), torque on a bar magnetic in a uniform magnetic field, para, dia, and ferromagnetic substances with examples, electromagnets, and factors affecting their strengths and permanent magnets.

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic induction

Nothing is removed from this chapter.

Chapter 7: Alternating Currents

Power factor and wattless current.

Chapter 8: Electric Magnetic Waves

The basic idea of displacement current.

Chapter 9: Ray Optics

Reflection of the light, spherical mirror, mirror formula, scattering of light - blue colour of the sky and reddish appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset, resolving power of a microscope and astronomical telescope

Chapter 10: Wave Optics

Polarisation, plane polarised light, Brewster's law, uses of plane polarised light and polaroids.

Chapter 11: Dual nature of radiation

Davisson and Germer experiment

Chapter 12: Atoms

Nothing is removed from this chapter.

Chapter 13: Nuclei

Radioactivity, alpha, beta and gamma particles/rays, and their properties, the law of radioactivity, half-life and mean life. Binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number.

Chapter 14: Semiconductors

Zener diode and its characteristics and Zener diode as a voltage regulator.

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