CBSE Physics sample question paper for class 11

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

A sample question paper designed according to New CBSE board instructions. DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE PAPER


Grade : XI Subject: PHYSICS Marks: 70

Time : 3hrs

General Instructions:

a) All the questions are compulsory.

b) There are37 questions in total.

c) This question paper contains four sections: Section-A, Section-B, Section-C and Section-D

d) Section-A contains 20 questions of one mark each.

e) Section-B contains 7 questions of two marks each.

f) Section-C contains 7 questions of three marks each.

g) Section –D contains 3 questions of five marks each.


1. The Raman effect deals with

a) Diffraction of light with medium particles b) refraction of light with medium particles

c) Scattering of light with medium particles d) reflection of light by medium particles

2. Among the given following units which one is not unit of length?

a) Angstrom b) Fermi

c) Barn d) Parsec

3. Moment of inertial depends on ______ of the body

a) mass b) shape

c) temperature d) all the above

4. If

then the angle between